We buy cars for junk, with or without
proper documentation.

Cash for junk cars now!
Do you want to quickly get money for your car that is no longer useful?


Is the company that buys junk cars, whether or not they have documentation belonging to the car or not, whether they still work or not, from any area, and we pay the best prices.

JARED’S JUNK CARS helps, when others do not even want to answer the cell phone. We are here to support you when you need it most.

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Why pick our services?

  • Because we work 24/7
  • Because we speak English and Spanish
  • Because we are just one call away and we will be as soon as possible with you.
  • Because the prices we use are depending on the distance and the place to move.
  • Because the drivers of our trucks are all licensed, safe and certified to help you.
  • Because we are reliable, professional and always willing to help.

Give us a call, we will gladly be with you, because good friends are never left behind.

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